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StarType: Finger of God
StarType You may just want to just kick back or take a small vacation, since this time may be sort of neither fish nor foul as far and gathering insights or getting things done. Some times are just like that, more transition points than action-item days. One thing you will perhaps notice is a deep sense of yearning or even striving, waiting for or expecting something - kind of hanging over you. It may seem that things can just go either way or anyway. There is not a sense of resolution in the air, only the sense of needing resolution. This will pass, thus the suggestion not to get too wrapped up in it, but just to let things go for a spell, which they will anyway. Nothing to be done to change this, except to be patient.
Solunar Angle: 144°43'
Solunar Angle By today you should have gotten the message that it is time to throttle back, and concentrate on finishing up whatever you already have in the pipeline. Connect things up
Closest Aspect: Venus Waxing Square to Mars
Closest Aspect A turning point and a time when something very physical could take place, the result of your love for acquisition or, more likely, desire to do something physical, sports, exercise, or something even more personal. Whatever the case may be, there should be some physical sign of accomplishment or experience.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine