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StarType: Thinking
StarType This is not a major pattern, but a minor one, and it refers to mental work, being able to successfully use the mind in meaningful ways, in particular when it comes to matters of very fine detail and organization. Putting the mind to work in an organized fashion is indicated here, and the upshot of all this mental or worrying is that work gets done, and efficiently.
Solunar Angle: 148°51'
Solunar Angle By today you should have gotten the message that it is time to throttle back, and concentrate on finishing up whatever you already have in the pipeline. Connect things up
Closest Aspect: Mars Waxing Square to Jupiter
Closest Aspect Here there should be some visible signs of success, some result of your drive or career efforts should occur. Whether large or small, this should be clear to you and others, and serve as the base upon which you can build.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine