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StarType: Mind Over Matter
StarType Here is a somewhat more dreamy time, but one not just dedicated to wool gathering, but also bringing with a very practical aspect. Let's start with the mind, which easily vaults over day-to-day thinking just now, into greener pastures, where ideas, dreams, and reality all mix into grand schemes and speculations. And I don't just mean the disconnected thoughts and musings, but here we also have the ability to strategize and grasp the overall or big-picture concepts too. One could get lost in the psychic (read: psychological) content of this alone, and of course many more spiritual overtones, as well. This call all be pipe-dream material, if it were not for the very practical aspect that is also present, being able to actually extract from all these thoughts and turn them to some advantage in the real world. In fact, the mental or more imaginary musings have in fact at least one foot in reality, and can be made to manifest as actual facts and accomplishments.
Solunar Angle: 041°06'
Solunar Angle Here is a time when you can feel pulled between cherishing the ideas that have inspired you, as opposed to the risk of staining those ideas by actually making plans that implement them, which could mean pushing some parts of the plan forward, and abandoning others for another time. Traditional advice at this point would be to have you take what you can and move forward, and don’t try to do everything at once. This is not a point to take obstacles as a sign to give up or retreat. This is a time for forward motion, and some kind of resistance is normal. Here is a chance to move beyond old habits, through whatever may be obstructing your way, and actually get moving on things that you have decided need to be done. No one ever said it would be easy, and this is one of those times. Don’t doubt your direction, and waste time. Move forward step by step and you soon will be through it. It should not take more than a day or two.
Closest Aspect: Mars Waxing Square to Jupiter
Closest Aspect Here there should be some visible signs of success, some result of your drive or career efforts should occur. Whether large or small, this should be clear to you and others, and serve as the base upon which you can build.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine