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StarType: The Big Picture
StarType This is a time when the mind is very clear and has exceptional conceptual faculties, the ability not only to count the many trees, but also to grasp the basic shape of the forest itself - the 'big picture," so to speak. Not a physical or touch-feeling time, not warm physically, but very compassionate mentally, good with works and ideas. There can be a tendency to wool gather, to speculate and not resolve anything practical, to just drift in the mind.
Solunar Angle: 104°19'
Solunar Angle This is one of those critical or changing points in the Sun-Moon cycle, where you actually receive some physical sign for efforts made, and where continued effort and action on your part CAN make the difference and bring about real change, producing something real that can't be easily ignored by the world around you This is the time to make a statement and be heard, and the result of your plans and ideas should have established a foothold here. This is not a time for hesitating
Closest Aspect: Mars Waxing Conjunct to Saturn
Closest Aspect Questions of self-discipline, of better channeling your drive and ambitions, building a workable support environment are in the air. Although not just thoughts, they could soon be plans for action.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine