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StarType: The Big Picture
StarType This is a time when the mind is very clear and has exceptional conceptual faculties, the ability not only to count the many trees, but also to grasp the basic shape of the forest itself - the 'big picture," so to speak. Not a physical or touch-feeling time, not warm physically, but very compassionate mentally, good with works and ideas. There can be a tendency to wool gather, to speculate and not resolve anything practical, to just drift in the mind.
Solunar Angle: 205°59'
Solunar Angle The Full Moon has passed, and you are still in the thick of things, perhaps just starting to get a handle on what has been going on around you or rather: what you have been going through. This is not the time for further action, to do more, but rather a time to go with the flow and to let things take their course. From here on to the end of this Moon cycle, you will need to learn to relax and let things come to you. It should be clear to you now or at least dawning on you what these last few days experience mean, whether good or bad. You should now be able to get a better idea of the results, what will come out of this. Just ride it out. Now is when you can own this event, and feel confidence and pride in what you have done. And you can talk about it. The words should be there, and you may find yourself teaching and sharing with others.
Closest Aspect: Venus Waxing Trine to Neptune
Closest Aspect A time of energy and moving forward, during which you can make your life more spiritual, imaginative, and inspirational, building these things into your day-to-day schedule - definitely a time to act in this regard. You are making whatever you term spiritual matter in your life.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine