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230529-0743 | Today's Chart, Washington, DC, 02/25/2024 05:03:50 PM EDT +04:00, euro style 1 harmonic
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StarType: Immanent
StarType Here comes a time that is just a little unusual, one that could be difficult to enjoy, unless you understand its nature. For one, this is a restless or uncertain time, by its very nature, so understanding that should help right off. There can be a pronounced sense of non-resolution, of expectation, but who knows for what, just a feeling that something is about to happen or could happen, and who knows if this is good or bad. Or this may manifest as a yearning for resolution or a striving to connect, even to force or make something happen that would bring resolution. All of this, when the real fact is that this is just one of those times in life, where things are unresolved and hanging out there. Take a break, do something different, and, above all, don't expect things to feel normal for a while.
Solunar Angle: 194°41'
Solunar Angle Stop the engines and coast for awhile, because this is it, what you have worked to achieve! If it is not to your liking, better luck next time, but don't push on farther at this point, because you have probably accomplished what is possible for this round. Experience what you can and enjoy what is now! From here on for a while, you can ease off and just let it all sink in. This is the fullness you have worked for, such as it can be. Just let go and enjoy the ride. This is the Full Moon.
Closest Aspect: Venus Waning Square to Jupiter
Closest Aspect Somewhat of a turning point, a time to step back and take a less personal view relating to how you feel about your career and life path, in general. This greater objectivity should give you a more impersonal (not cold) and practical way of assessing just how things are going at work.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine
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