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StarType: The Guided Force
StarType Getting the small things done is what this time is all about, hitting the nail on the head, when it comes to the business of dispatching what needs doing. This is not a time for making overall plans or contemplating the universe (much to busy for that), but a time to attend to whatever agenda has already been piling up and is scheduled for attending to. However, the mind is very keen, and skilled at translating what it sees into action, and dotting all the 'I's and crossing all the 't's. Eye to hand coordination is at a high point, so have at whatever is at hand.
Solunar Angle: 323°52'
Solunar Angle You may enjoy a more inward or private time now, one which can find you ignoring the external world, and giving all your attention to the things the really matter, things that you think will last. Simplifying your situation will bring peace and contentment. Now is not the time to start something new. These are the dark days of the Moon, and tradition says to just wait them out, looking for that New Moon and beginning. Seed time.
Closest Aspect: Venus Waning Sextile to Neptune
Closest Aspect Discrimination in spiritual or inspirational matters or anything that pertains to the imagination, including your love of music, film, the arts, and so forth. You may be able to separate the useful from the non-essential in these areas.
Interpretation Text by Michael Erlewine