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Life Landscape - Your Saturn Cycles

The Life Landscape Report is not some complicated computer printout, but an elegant, spacious report, graphically illustrated and complete in every detail.

Although astrologers use many techniques, almost all are in agreement that the movement of the planet Saturn, the great timekeeper, is a planet that affects all of us. In particular, as Saturn moves through the astrology chart in its thirty-year cycle it marks out a path that all must follow, ready or not.

The Life Landscape Report, written by astrologer Michael Erlewine and designed by astrologer Stephen Erlewine, provides full coverage of Saturn for ninety years, complete with separate charts for each of the Saturn's 30-year cycles showing the movement of the planet through the all-important chart angles (with years and dates), personal interpretation of each of your Saturn cycles, and a chronological list of every Saturn-related event in your life along with dates, interpretations, and even a graphic reminder of the nature of the event. Check out the sample report or get your own now.

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