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Siblings as Persons

You Can't Pick Your Family
As the old saying goes, we can pick our partners and friends, but we can’t pick our family. As some say, we are stuck with our family, for better or for worse, just like a marriage. Many marriages today are not even life long, but for most of us our family relationships indeed last our entire lives. They don’t go away and divorce is not an option. Blood is still thicker than water. And many of these family relationships are unexamined.

Who could be closer to you than your siblings, be they brothers or sisters? Not the same as friends you choose, but bound in life to you just the same. We have never known a time when they were not with us.

We don’t question these relationships and perhaps we have never even had the opportunity to consider what they really involve or are like. For you, your sister and brothers, there will be a description of what you each are like as an individual and then how each of you relate to one another.

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