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Sky Reader - Daily Outer & Inner Forecast - Program, images, and text by Michael Erlewine

Sky Reader provides an up-to-the-minute summary of what the heavens are messaging us. Sky Reader analyzes the complete system of planetary aspects or configurations in the sky and reduces them to a handful of messages about what is happening today.

You can check out the daily forecast on our sample version of Sky Reader, just one of the may features included in this program by clicking here.

Sky Reader

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Sky Reader PC includes features not available on the web including readings and personal interpretations of your personal natal chart or horoscope for the day you were born. The desktop version provides the same outer forecast you see here, but also a second forecast for your inner or spiritual day. In all, Sky Reader PC includes these four reports:

Daily Outer Forecast
A report (the same one used in our online version) for the outer circumstances and nature of the current day.

Daily Inner Forecast
A report for the inner or more —private— you that indicates how you are feeling inside or spiritually.

Natal Outer Forecast
A report that examines the heavens for the day of your birth and describes the basic talents and qualities of your personality — as others see you.

Natal Inner Forecast
A report that looks at the spiritual or inner you for the day of your birth, and describes your inner qualities — how you are to your friends and those who come to know you.

The Sky Reader PC version allows you to enter the month, day, and year for any date from 1900 to 2100 and get four complete reports. Requires PC with monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution.

User level: Intermediate. If you already know astrology, this gives you an extra, visually-enhanced way of understanding and interpreting it.

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Sky Reader