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Four Pillars Annual Report

A complete and authentic way of seeing oneself from a new perspective.

Four Pillars of Destiny Astrology is many centuries old and is still practiced today, throughout China, by the ethnic Chinese. Each person not only has a natal Four Pillars chart, but this chart changes—undergoing successive transformations—each year. The various elements, factors, palaces and so on, in a Four Pillars natal chart, interact with other elements of the current year. These interactions can be charted, and they mark changes in your life, some of which will be for the better and some of which will be more difficult to navigate.

The following report is a map of the interactions, changes, and possible transformations of a ten-year period. This report comes complete with traditional interpretations, and has guidelines on how to anticipate obstacles and enhance opportunities. By studying this map, you will be better equipped to know when to reach out and advance and when to hold back and conserve. We hope you enjoy your Annual Four Pillar Report.

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