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Moon Time: What's Happening Now

Virgo 22°Vi56'
Moon Time
Jun 13, 2024
Today can be a turning point, with visible signs of success that you (and everyone) can see, so make your move, be heard, and go for it. Just do it. Whatever you have been working on is now out in the open, showing results (or the lack thereof), and can point the way toward continued progress. You have a real start here, something solid that can be built on.
Next New Moon:
Fri Jul 05, 2024
5:58 PM
Next Full Moon:
Fri Jun 21, 2024
8:09 PM
Tidal Forces:
Lunar Day:
8 of 30
9 on Jun 14 1:35 PM
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Life Chakras is a view of the chakras or great centers of life-activity from an astrological perspective, as they relate to your particular birth chart.

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