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What Are StarTypes—

The story of StarTypes actually starts some 400 years ago when Copernicus pointed out to the world that in fact the Sun does not orbit the Earth as everyone had always thought, but just the other way around: the Earth orbits the Sun.

Up to that point astronomy and astrology was pretty much the same thing, and astrology was considered as the cultural side of astronomy, in that astronomers were for the most part also astrologers. But from the time of Copernicus onward, astrologers and astronomers each went different ways, the astronomers using both the traditional geocentric chart, but also adopting the newly discovered heliocentric perspective, and gradually forgetting the cultural side of their science. The astrologers continued to use only the geocentric (earth-centered) perspective, and retained the cultural tradition, which they have done up to the present day. In the modern world, astrologers and astronomers are not usually on friendly terms, mostly due to the astronomer's attitude toward astrology.

Using the two perspectives (geo and helio), astronomers can land a spaceship on the Earth or send one orbiting the Sun. Astrologers on the other hand have chosen to limit themselves only to the earth-centered point of view, and the standard natal chart wheel used by modern astrologers is basically a snapshot of the solar system from the earth's position embedded deep within that system. Astronomers on the other hand can use both the geocentric and heliocentric charts, giving them the ability to also look at how the whole solar system functions, as it actually is, with the Sun at the center, and the other planets orbiting the Sun. Why astrologers never adopted this radical new chart I have no idea, but I wish someone would research it and tell me.

The StarTypes technique is modern in that it combines the traditional view used by astrologers with the heliocentric view used by astronomers to achieve what amounts to a stereo view of the birth moment, while also preserving the cultural side of both charts. Until StarTypes this just had not been done

and the enhanced perspective or stereo view of combing both geocentric and heliocentric perspectives offers a much more accurate and complete picture of what the planets are doing at the moment of an event such as a birth.

Where the astrologer's geocentric chart and the astronomer's heliocentric chart intersect effectively triangulates a nativity, clearly pointing out the circumstances we find ourselves in (geocentric chart) and what actually is going on behind and within those appearances (heliocentric chart). StarTypes take into account the actual inner workings of the solar system that, along with our traditional astrology chart, provides us with what amounts to a 3D view of the birth moment and ourselves.

In essence the StarTypes technique maps the large-scale planetary patterns taking place in the heavens from two points of view and compares them as the context in which our personal lives are taking place.

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