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Relational - Rose     (Male)

The Multi-Relational StarTypes

When I first began studying StarTypes, I soon found there were two classic relational archetypes, The Lover, and the Loved One, the green and red-bordered cards, and then there were also charts that contained both archetypes. These dual-archetype charts are easy to spot, because they have blue border, the blue cards. That makes three relationship roles to consider: Lover, Loved, One, and Independent.

It was a good number of years before I was forced through experience to realize there was at least one more main relationship role or StarType, the case where all planets were concentrated or squashed into one part of the chart, with no planet spread at all to speak off.

Thirst for Experience
In its perfect form, this StarType has all planets within about 120 degrees aspect (Trine aspect) of the chart wheel, thus their nickname Within-a-Trine. Everything was in one area of the chart, an area of less than 120 degrees.

What was at first odd about this StarType is that their sheer compactness gave them some similarity to the T-Square (red-lined) StarTypes, and the sheer emptiness of the rest of the chart gave them some of the space-like quality of the Grand Trine (green-lined) StarTypes. They really do comprise a StarType family all on their own. We mark this group of StarTypes with a rose border, so they can be easily identified.

People and Places
This StarType family is quite unlike the other three families in that they are neither entirely dependent nor independent, just different. If anything, they are dependent or needy. The other three StarType groups consist of planet patterns that take up the whole 360-degree wheel. This is why StarTypes were originally called Whole Chart Patterns. However the rose Multi-Relational type does not have a whole chart pattern in that same sense, although their pattern oddly enough does take up the whole chart, but just with emptiness. All the planets are compressed into single 120-degree aspect!

In the Multi-Relational StarTypes, we have just the reverse of the other relationship families. These StarTypes have all the planets in one little corner or part of the wheel, all jammed together. Most of the wheel is completely empty - blank.

The Rose-Colored Cards
So much for their shape. The net result is that these rose-colored StarTypes are neither naturally care givers (lovers) or objects of attention (loved ones). Instead, they are more like objects of affection that care, if that twist of words makes sense. In other words, they need attention, like the red StarTypes, but are also naturally much more mental, like the green StarTypes. Mostly, they are very compact and detail-oriented types that use their mind to get around more than they radiate charisma. Think of them more like a blind person feeling their way along with a can, but substitute the mind for the cane. Or we could say that they have a kind of mental charisma, which is almost an oxymoron.

Yet these StarTypes are so compact and dedicated, that they radiate a kind of magnetism all their own. Most of all, perhaps due to all that empty chart space, they have a great thirst and need for experience, to make up for this lack, and this often takes the form of a need for relationships, of which they may have many.

Meeting and Greeting
The rose-colored They really grow through meeting and maintaining friendships of all kinds, sort of an endless chain of friends. They really need these relationships to exist, unlike the other types that assume a particular role (red and green StarTypes) or ones that are a little indifferent (blue StarTypes).

And these rose-colored StarTypes like to travel. Almost as important as relationships, this StarType likes to see many different places, as if somehow trying to fill an empty void within themselves.

And this group of Multi-Relational StarTypes are very hard workers, who use their minds, often in very detailed and highly emotional ways, to move through life, kind of moving from friend to friend, relationship to relationship, like a monkey swinging through the trees. This chain of friends is how they learn about themselves. And the other three types are all grist for the mill, because each of these other types presents areas of experience or interest to these multi-relational types.

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