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Independent - Blue     (Male)

Two in One:
The Blue Bordered Cards

So much for the two classic relationship types, not everyone is just one type or the other, that is: not everyone is either simply the red-bordered StarType (T-Square) or the green-bordered StarType (Grand Trine). Some charts have both archetypes present in a single chart. What about these Two in One StarTypes?

For starters, while the other main StarTypes need each other to have a relationship, here we have a StarType that is in no way that needy. They have the role of the Lover and the Loved One locked up in one birth chart. They can go both ways. In fact, they may not require much in the way of outside relationship at all, and this is a common complaint against them: they can live without you and don't mind being alone and on their own - insular.

In other words, this StarType is self-sufficient to a marked degree and thus this type has earned the nickname of Independent, and you can spot them because their StarType Astro*Image cards all have blue borders.

The Blue Cards: Independence
As mentioned, with this group of StarTypes (the blue cards), we have a combination of The Lover and the Loved One in a single StarType. We could say that they are capable of loving themselves, and that is so true. They really are self-sufficient and often somewhat independent of relationships in general from time to time. This is not to say they do not have or enjoy relationships, for they most certainly do. However, they are not as dependent on relations as, let's say, the red and green types. They can take relations and they can also be quite content just being out there on their own, oblivious to their partners needs.

Perhaps because they contain within themselves all the necessary elements of a basic relationship (the lover and the loved one), this StarType can play either role with an external partner, giving care and loved to a red StarType and receiving care and attention from the green types. In this way, they are ambidextrous, so to speak, having it both ways or having none at all.

Perhaps most important, they have the vision and foresight of the green StarTypes and the charisma and fun-loving nature of the red StarTypes. As mentioned, depending on their partner, they can play either role. They can see what to do and also how do it, and all this without any outside help, thus the term independent, which indeed they are.

Blue Cards: The Flip Side
As for a downside, there is not too much. They do kind of have it all, if being self-sufficient is the goal. If anything, they can be somewhat lazy, because it is easy in this society to fall into the habit of playing the loved one, and being taken care of, being served. The blue StarTypes often end up in this role, and don't get a lot done because of this habit. Because they are already somewhat complete, they are not driven to the same extent as the red and green card StarTypes are. They are not needy, but they also are not driven by needs to do much of anything at all at times.

And being a bit to themselves (and not dependent on others), this lack of dependency on others can make them appear aloof and even a little cool. Perhaps they play some small social price for this condition, but mostly they are quite content just to be with themselves. Other StarTypes may find this annoying. You get the idea. When you are dealing with a blue-bordered StarType, be careful not to interpret their independence too personally. It is not you that they mean to offend. They just don't need anyone all that much, including you - nothing personal.

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