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Lovers - Green     (Male)

The Green Bordered Cards

On the other hand, this green-bordered StarType is just the opposite. This family of StarTypes represents the archetype of The Lover, the one who cares the most, and thus (for all practical concerns) the caretakers of the relationship. These are the StarTypes who endlessly care for (and worry about!) the Loved One, running here and there to provide for their well-being. They do pick up the socks and are the eternal hosts (seldom the guests) of any relationship. They are the ones who will jump up and get you a glass of water, who happily do any organizational work - the planning.

Not at home in a crowd, this StarType can usually be found around the edges of a group, watching, perhaps criticizing, but always taking it all in. They run cool, when others run warm (or hot). They think and plan, when others do and act. They serve, while others are served. They care, when care is needed. In the East (places like Tibet and China), they could be said to represent the Bodhisattva path, a life lived to serve others.

Here in the West, this concept of serving others is frowned on, and has been downgraded to the concept of menial labor (serving others). Here in America it is considered much more cool to be served, than to serve. But this concept is slowly changing.

Not all of us are miniature rock stars, fit to shine in the heart of a crowd. Some are quite happy to watch, to comment on, and to care for others. Since both types ('The Lover' and the 'Loved One') occur in almost equal numbers, not all of us can just be the one who gets served. Some of us must do the serving and actually like to serve others and the fact is, if this StarType can get past the social stigmata of serving others, they happen to enjoy it a lot more, for it is natural to this type. They are shy.

In fact, all of the green-bordered StarTypes are born to serve and care for others. All reach for the mind and think before they reach to press the flesh. All are (at heart) shy, eager for experience, and glad to be included. Not much into hugs, they all secretly love to be hugged and physical contact is an exciting event for them. Sounds like E.T., eh?

Well, not quite from outer space, but they are very at home in the great space of the mind, and they all tend to make their living using their wits and mental capabilities rather than their charisma and warm presence. They can think; they can see, and many of them really get the big picture, and can see the forest as well as the trees. They are great providers of advice to the rest of us. They are wicked critics and are as sharp with the mind as others are physically fast.

Green Cards Care
And, as a rule, this type of chart is very compassionate, always appreciating a situation for what it is, taking it in, making room for others, making allowances, being kind, etc.

So what can you know when you meet one of the green StarTypes? You can expect a sharp mind, perhaps very broad in scope, but probably at least facile and quite detail oriented. If you will let them, that is, if you can assume the role of an object (someone to be cared for), they will probably assume the role of your protector and caretaker. If you meet them with criticism and mental arguments, you are in for a tussle, because this is their turf. They own it. They care more than you do, so take note.

But, as mentioned, if you will sit still, assume the position of an object, and let them look after you, more often than not, they will do just that. They will tend to you, look after you, and generally be available.

On the outside they may appear too serious, mentally tough or even wrathful, but inside they are easy, and will usually give way unless you confront them. They are the art of Aikido personified. If you will just take on the role of the object, they will be at your command.

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