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Loved One - Red     (Male)

The Red Bordered Cards

With the red-bordered cards, you have the classic form of the Loved One, the object of everyone's affection, the one who always demands and usually gets lots of attention, plenty of service and care. In other words, they draw attention to themselves. And this is as it should be, for they are warm and just naturally exude charm, and are usually the centerpiece of any group. People love them.

The Red Cards
These red-card types are, above all people persons, and they like to get right in there and work a crowd, glad-handing with the best of them. They radiate charisma and shine in almost any setting. Of course, they make the best salesmen, because they sell themselves just by being with you. Who can resist?

The Loved One type, the red-bordered cards are so very watch-able. This does not mean they have to be the best looking physically, but regardless of how they look, they are magnetic, charismatic. They shine and everyone just loves to be around them and to spend time with them. They have no shame in letting others care about them and for them. They feel they deserve it.

Red Cards: The Flip Side
Lest we think that life is all roses for these red StarTypes, let's take a peek at their darker side. For all their social-ness, in the end they are very private and jealously guard their privacy. They don't like to be crowded and really hate to be boxed in. Perhaps because they are always in such demand, they are in their own way, a little claustrophobic.

And they worry about their intelligence, perhaps because they are so simple and direct in their appeal. They feel everyone loves them for their shine and sparkle, the way they look or come on, but not for their intellect. There is some truth to that, of course, and this can be a real problem for these red-bordered StarTypes because they can be afraid of appearing stupid.

Perhaps it is because they play dumb so much to get attention. In fact, they often will go to great lengths to study and go to school. They collect learning degrees, diplomas, and whatever makes them appear more refined and sophisticated. These red card StarTypes like fine and frilly things and are quick to put on airs, to appear more sophisticated then they, in fact, are. This can be a lifelong problem.

And they can at times lack awareness. They tend to see the trees, but not the forest. They can have real problems grasping the big picture and sometimes are wise to seek out the advice of the green StarTypes, who can kind of give them direction, and help them to better see where they are going in life.

The Loved One Relationship Role
In dynamic relationship roles, ones that involve real attraction, the kind that romance novels epitomize, this red StarType inevitably plays the role of the Loved One, the one who gets all the attention, the one who is cared for - the object of love.

And these are high maintenance types, so do take note. They are used to getting attention, and end up demanding it most of the time. Again, this is a role they are playing, a role they find it very easy to fall into and assume.

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